Women all over the world march against Trump

A huge number of people filled the US capital on Saturday to walk in protest of Donald Trump, after the Republican took office, many other marches took place globally all over Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Ladies and men of any age rioted of Washington, DC, mobilizing around issues like women’ rights, conceptive rights, and movement.

The walk should be along the National Mall; the extent of parkland that keeps running from Congress to the White House. In any case, it spilled onto Pennsylvania Avenue, the road where the new president and property big shot now lives.

Dissidents held signs like “Ladies’ rights are human rights”, “Separate dividers, don’t construct them”, and “There is no wrath known to man like as a terrible lady despised”, referencing the time Trump called his adversary, Hillary Clinton, a “nasty woman” amid a civil argument.

Sophie Walker, the pioneer of the Women’s Equality Party, told Al Jazeera that dissenters had accumulated in a show of solidarity.

“We are here to walk against the rising xenophobia in this nation. We’re here to walk against the standardization of prejudice and misogyny and sexism.”

Numerous members wore weaved pink feline eared “pussy” caps, a reference to Trump’s comments caught on video that was made public weeks before the race.

In that video, Trump said he “grabbed them by the pussy” without their consent.

Monica Moran, who set out to the march with her little girl from Massachusetts, said she was concerned Trump would cut financing for the Violence Against Women Act, a law that helps women and children who are victims of domestic violence from their husbands and partners.

“We know one in three or one in four ladies will confront abusive behavior at home in their lifetime and we are aware these projects are working. Significantly more women will get murdered if Trump doesn’t finance this,” she told Al Jazeera.

The march is indicative of a deeply divided nation that is still not recovered from the 2016 Election and the aftermath promises to last for some time to come.

Despite the fact that experts in Washington, DC, don’t release the number of attendees, coordinators told AFP news office they assessed turnout at one million – quadrupling initial estimates – with large groups joining sister walks around the nation.

The greater part a million people likewise rioted of Los Angeles, as per police there, and a comparable number gathered in New York. Different walks occurred in Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Denver, St Louis and other cities.

Trump has gotten under the skin of liberals, radicals and different progressives for sexist remarks and xenophobic dialect, while numerous abroad are concerned over his inaugural promise on Friday to put “America First” in his central leadership.

Big Changes to the Whitehouse.gov Website

Big Changes to the Whitehouse.gov Website

There is no doubt that the incoming Trump administration means big changes. With how unpredictable, controversial and inconsistent the Trump campaign was, it is hard to accurately predict what all of those changes will be. We are already seeing the differences appear. It might seem like a small and insignificant source to consider, but checking-out what the Trump team has done to the official White House website offers some insight into the agenda of the new administration.  Here is a video outlining the changes. Do you have your own website? Click here to read more about how you can save on hosting and domains!.

What’s missing?

The loudest messages are sent by what is not said. Within President Trump’s first few days in Office, there have been some major sections of the website completely deleted. There is no longer a section of the site that is devoted to LGBTQ rights and legislation. There was a section labeled Civil Rights’ on the website during the Obama administration. That section is now completely gone. The Reducing Gun Violence’ section is also missing and a search for climate change’ on the website leads only to a broken link.

Also notably absent is any mention of the Affordable Care Act. President Trump spent plenty of time talking about his plans to repeal the ACA in his inaugural address but failed to even mention this plan on this new website.

For many LGBTQ people, environmental advocates and minorities, these changes do not bode well. While it might not be a total surprise, considering President Trumps history of offensive and inflammatory speech, it is still a worrisome sight to have these sections completely deleted from the White House website.

What is to come?

New sections have been created that replace the missing ones. Sections like America First Energy Plan’ and America First Foreign Policy’ echo the language the President used in his short inaugural address on January 20th.

There were significant additions of law enforcement praise that simultaneously discourage and challenge the right of protestors. The website read, “Our job is not to make life more comfortable for the rioter, the looter and the violent disrupter.” The section later called for stricter policing of protests, signaling alarm to all First Amendment Right advocates.

What does it mean?

Because the Trump Administration is so new and historically so unpredictable, it is hard to say how well these changes predict real legislative action. But one thing is for sure—the choice to scrub the website clean of any climate change language and delete major sections concerning minority civil liberties definitely sends a message about the Trump administration’s priorities.